Sailing Taster and Development Days - Catering for Reserve/ Addition?al Volunteers  


Dave M

 🤔 Thinking about the Taster Days, Development days we currently have spaces for helms and crew - which is naturally limited to the size of boat.

The reality is we may well have other volunteers on the pontoon etc or who involved elsewhere, somehow on the day.  Also, if a helm or crew cannot make it, its good to see who has also said they can make the day.

Can we add to the "ticket" (which I seem to recall is the correct technical terminology for this) - Volunteer Support.

PS Dave M.  I have subscribed to this page, so I am assuming I will get email alerts if there are further entries?

Edited: 2 weeks  ago

No reason why we can’t add a ‘Volunteer Support” ticket to the the relevant events - the stats we get from Events Mananger will break down by ticket.  

I have assumed the same about subscribing, so let’s see, as I have subscribed to the website Q&A forum...



just checking out the forum - Cathy


Does catering mean food and sustenance or making provision for reserve or additional volunteers?


Chasing a response?

Sorry Tony - I've been off sick since Wednesday.  Unfortunately, on this occasion, catering means:

making provision for reserve or additional volunteers


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