Lift Off Trailer Collapse – averted by eagle eyed boat husband team

If you sail with John and Mike you will know they have an eye for detail and are not happy until its all fixed and sorted – making it safe for the people and looking after the boat is paramount.

This is based on John’s update to the committee and a conversation last Friday in the trailer park and it all started with noticing ……..

I noticed the front post was able to sway 1 m either way!!

“In it’s existing state there was a danger that the trailer would have collapsed”.
Just imagine what might have happened if  this had not been spotted – you are  towing the boat through the trailer park or bringing the boat off water and the trailer cradle, or main support beam collapses.   This could have been a completely different story.
I met John on Friday in the trailer park and he told me how they had spotted the weaknesses and quickly engaged with RSC Bosun to resolve this. Also, walking round the trailer park John noticed the configuration of e other Squib  trailers and this gave him the idea of how best to fix our trailer.

Lift off was gently launched and put on a mooring.


Bosun Malcolm and Boat Husband team member Mike

Lift off awaits her new trailer







What to do about it?


“I decided it was better to place a new central steel box section alongside the present one which we found was rusting through underneath.

Malcolm  our helpful bosun went ahead and I suggested that two supporting steel angled struts be welded onto the bow section.
This has now been done and the result is a very strong trailer. I call it my Forth Railway Bridge solution! Even painted the same colour.
It should last us twenty years”.

“We acted just in time and it wasn’t a quick fix.”


Rock Steady Traile

A rocky steady trailer for Lift Off




Making it happen took time


“All in all these took three days of visits to the club. I actually spent seven days in the last eight days at the club working and liaising with Malcolm, John Laxton and Mike.”

Result – Safe Sailing

Rock Solid – Lift Off on her (now) rock solid trailer

Safe sailing for members and our boats – restored.

Phew!  Thanks on behalf of all our members

Thanks to an observant and committed boat husband team,  and Malcolm the Bosun and John Laxton, we now have a safe and fit for purpose trailer for Lift Off.  Really appreciated guys.

Clearly one way we  members can all help is by reporting any observations, damages, concerns to the Boat Husband – your comments will be welcome and could save a lot of time or more.






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