Dave Grundy

About Dave Grundy

Joined RCSSC after over 25 years gap from sailing offshore and dinghies. I quickly got involved and became the Sailing Secretary, later the Treasurer and for three years RCSSC Club Commodore ( Now title is Club Captain) So glad I found RCSSC.

Our taster sails are FUN days for our Guests and for our Helm Members who help make it happen, hands on and safe, all in good company. These pictures were taking back in July 19 when some friends of Dave Grundy from Class of 2016 #Walk1000miles walking group joined us […]

Happy Smiling Sailing Tasters

Tuesday 3 December 19 and we gather on a blue sky day to put the Squibs to bed and double check the Soling is all tucked up to – we want to keep our boats dry, after all they do have wood elements in the hull, and water and wood […]

Boats Winterised

My diary entry for 1st December ” Rutland Civil Service Sailing Club Committee Meeting” Our boats have been put to bed for the Winter and will next sail 1 April 2020 – put that date in your diary. Being the first day of Winter, I imagined it might be a […]

A Winter Warmer Tonic