RCSSC Taster Events

Fancy a Sail?

Whether you used to sail, already sail, or just fancy having a go on a keelboat, you will always be made welcome by members of Rutland Civil  Service Sailing Club.

Our Taster Days are provided in conjunction with the CSSC Sports & Leisure .

Please note places are strictly on a first come basis, and these events are very popular.  Open to CSSC and Non-CSSC members alike, and bring along your friends and family to enjoy the view from the Club veranda.  You’ll be glad you did.

Click on the date below to find out more and book your CSSC Taster Day

8 June 2019 Saturday – too late to book

5 July 2019 Friday

3 August 2019 Saturday

6 September 2019 Friday

Please note: Places are popular and  limited and are on a first come basis.

See you on the water!



Example of what happens on a Taster Event

A brief account of what happened when six members of CSSC joined Chris, John, Mike, Pete, Jason, Mark, Eric and Dave enjoyed  breezy conditions with rolling waves – sailing both Squibs and our Soling.

First tentative step onto ‘Lift Off’, one of our Squibs, while the boat is held by Jason and Eric.
And away they go.
Getting up to speed.
Satyr sailed by Mike and Chris with fenders out ready to come back in.
And safely back again
Away goes Time Flies, the soling, giving two people their their first sail.
Sailing towards the church
Close sailing
All three boats close together
Maybe try some friendly racing
Smiling faces while out sailing
Satyr coming out of the water showing the keel beneath her
Have a look at a video of Lift Off sailing

Verbal comments received at the end of this day were all very positive.

We also received these written comments:

I personally really enjoyed the Taster Sailing Day – was great to actually get hands on and the conditions were perfect.  The team were lovely and all the instructors that took us out were great – very experienced and welcoming. I would love to do a bit more sailing following my experience.

Thank you for having us, we all had a wonderful time. It was a great experience and it was great to get involved.

I had a great day thanks! Always love spending time on the water-particularly when the weathers nice. No negative views, I thought the volunteers were fantastic and it was great that they were all open to sharing how they got involved,and having a chat. I was pleased to have the opportunity to take part so I can share the taster day info with my Areas, and encourage them to have a go. Always good to aid promotions if you’ve done it too!

Just to show that this feedback is typical – see below.

Feedback from 5 July 2019 event

The day in Rutland was immensely instructive and enjoyable. Although I had some experience of sailing previously, I had never sailed keel boats. The day helped me to understand how much fun it is to cruise around on these fabulous vessels – a bit drier than lasers and much more relaxing than boats with a motor. It was even possible to get up a bit of speed (but I was very glad that you had already taught me how to slow down). I would very happily recommend it to others and at the civil service rates its even worth it if they have to travel from other parts of the UK. You and the other volunteers are a credit to the club. I am very grateful for the time and effort you put in to make our day so much fun!

What a great day that was. I really enjoyed the experience of sailing with you guys. I have really got the taste for it now. It was a really interesting and informative experience. With excellent briefings and attention to safety.

Each taster experience will be different as it depends on the number of participants and the weather conditions.