CSSC, CSSA, RCSSC, RSC What’s that all about?

When I first joined Rutland Civil Service Sailing Club (RCSSC) I thought that’s all I’d be joining, but I soon learned I’d joined much more than meets the eye at first.

To be honest, I think it was a couple of years before I actually worked it all out and, like most people, I didn’t bother until I actually needed to and saw there was real benefit in raising my eyes above the parapets and seeing the wider picture.

So, how does it all work and fit together.    

The way I explain the CSSC (Civil Service Sports Council) and the CSSA (Civil Service Sailing Association) is like this:

some of us will remember when very large organisations used to have a ‘Club’ that the staff could join  and for the Civil Service it is the CSSC.  There is so much to do- just click on the link to explore things to do, palaces to visit, sports subsidies and more.



Now clubs often have different parts to them, such as the football team, or the keep fit lot or trips out and the CSSC is no exception and includes a Sailing Arm which is the CSSA (Civil Service Sailing Association)  There are Civil Service sailing clubs all over the UK  – Offshore, Dinghies and the only Civil Service keelboat club is RCSSC – in the centre of UK with easy access for all.  You’ll see this hanging in RSC Club house now and know the story behind it.


When Pete Shuttleworth was looking for somewhere to sail inland that could give a taste of offshore yachting – he eventually arrived at Rutland Sailing Club (RSC)  a premier UK sailing  and, after a lot of research and talking with RSC members the founding members decided they would sail Squibs, which are of course keelboats.  It’s a fascinating story and you can read it in more detail on the CSSA website/ July 16 magazine – page 8 

RCSSC now has its own page on the RSC website 


So, that’s why when you join RCSSC you not only the only CSSA keelboat in the UK and gain access to our Squibs and the Soling, you also get access to RSC, CSSC and the CSSA and all they have to offer – in my view, a real bargain and a stunning place to sail in good company on our keelboats which will give everyone an exciting sail.



About Dave Grundy

Joined RCSSC after over 25 years gap from sailing offshore and dinghies. I quickly got involved and became the Sailing Secretary, later the Treasurer and for three years RCSSC Club Commodore ( Now title is Club Captain) So glad I found RCSSC.