Have you seen our new You Tube channel? 1

I am currently producing a number of website “how to…” videos for various aspects of the website:

  1. Registration
  2. Booking/Cancelling a sailing date
  3. Forums

These are my “Starters for 10”.  Additionally, I’m going to engage my son, who hopes to go on to University this September and do a course in Media Production for TV & Film, to help out with some sailing related videos for the club – boat preparation, launching, rigging, recovery etc. as well some promotional videos around the Taster Days.

These will, obviously, take some time, but I view this as a bit of a long-term project, and I felt I need somewhere that was geared-up for video presentation and distribution to the masses, consequently, I have set up You Tube Channel for the club – Rutland Civil Service Sailing Club RCSSC.

Go take a look, view the first video – Website Registration – and as they say in You Tube-land, LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE!

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One thought on “Have you seen our new You Tube channel?

  • John Cranwell-Ward(H)

    Excellent first RCSSC You Tube video on How to Register, which is essential for all our members as everyone will need to register now to obtain access to the Members section of our wonderful new website. Very proud of it! Extremely well done to Dave M and to Dave G for all their time, expertise, effort and hard work over many months to pull this all together.