RSC Club Closed (notice 25/3/20)

Following the Government’s coronavirus directives to go outside only for food, health reasons or essential work, and the decision by Anglian Water to close all of their water parks, we have decided to completely close the Sailing Club for a minimum of three weeks (23rd March to 13th April). 

This period of closure will be reviewed in line with Government guidance and any updates will be posted on the Sailing Club website.

Can you come to the Club? – No.  The main gates to the Club will be locked.   

When will the water reopen? – The Club will be shut for at least three weeks from the 23rd March.  We aim to get our members back on the water as soon as possible but we will follow government guidance. 

What about duties? – All duties up until April 30th are cancelled. Duties will be reviewed alongside water and site access. 

Will the office be open? – No.  In emergency, please contact:
Sailing Club Manager, Matt Lea:, 07595 524 100

What about security? – Local members and staff will exercise around the site to ensure that it is secure. 
Pete Ashworth, Commodore, 24 March 2020

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