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The green green grass of RSC – growing fast with all the rain

This week John and some volunteer members, are spending Wednesday at the club helping ensure critical maintenance on all our boats can be done.  All so we can enjoy sailing safe and have fun.

The recent rain has seen the grass grow around our boats, which doesn’t look good, and who knows what is lying the grass when working around the boats?

It took less than 30 mins to get the lawnmower and cut the grass and turn it from a jungle to a much tidier place for our two Squibs.  The grass was above the bottom bar on the trailer!


A bit of before and after here.  The long grass presents problems and hidden surprises if we are not carefule.


And just a few minutes later a tidy boat park for RCSSC Squibs

Making the working area around the boats easier to work in and looking good.  The lawnmower is  located in the Bosun’s shed.

RSC Lawn Mower – Available from the Bosun


So,  now you know where the lawn mower is . Next time you come for a sail and think the grass is rather long, you know what to do and you will be saving our busy maintenance team at least one job.

Thanks for helping our club volunteers.





About Dave Grundy

Public Relations Officer (PRO), past Commodore of RCSSC Rutland Civil Service Sailing Club where we enjoy corporate membership of RSC (Rutland Sailing Club) a premier UK Club based at Edith Weston, on the South Shore of Rutland Water.

I enjoy sailing in good company with our members sailing Squibs and a Soling.

I came back to sailing after seeing an advert from Pete Shuttleworth asking if I ‘fancied a sail?’ – I hadn’t sailed for nearly 30 years. Squibs being keelboats, stable whilst providing an exciting sail, coupled with advice and guidance from Club Helms, gave me the confidence to have a go and I’ve not looked back since.

So glad I found RCSSC.

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