Just watching the BBC news this morning and I see that a new wave-like cloud has been added to the Cloud Atlas.

Simply put, clouds reveal the ‘mood’ of the sky and what is likely to deliver to us – which is important to us sailors.  They tell us what is likely to happen in the next few hours  or even days.

This was the scene the day after ‘Storm Doris’ visited Rutland Sailing Club.   The weather and sky is beautiful and we should not forget its power.

I’ve always enjoyed watching the sky – day or night and clouds help us predict the weather, which is important for us sailors.

We all know the weather can change very quickly and its a good idea to keep an ‘all round’ eye out when your on your boat,  Even with modern communications, we still need to keep our eyes open.

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Enjoy your sailing and remember, keep an eye out for the weather.








About Dave Grundy

Public Relations Officer (PRO), past Commodore of RCSSC Rutland Civil Service Sailing Club where we enjoy corporate membership of RSC (Rutland Sailing Club) a premier UK Club based at Edith Weston, on the South Shore of Rutland Water and most of all, Sailing in Good Company. So glad I found RCSSC.