Finding the Wind with Anne and Chris Brolley – Sunday 27 Aug 17

Nicely done Anne Brolly helming Sunday 27 Aug 17

What  a lovely day today with Anne and Chris – sailing Satyr.

When we arrived, the wind was Force 0-1 but we decided to launch and rig and try our luck.

Given the lake was still we spent a bit of time on the launch and rigging  (abley accomplished by Anne and Chris with some guidance from Dave).

The wind picked up enough to get us moving and we sailed off along the southern arm of Rutland Water.  Its surprising how light winds sailing improves wind awareness and we soon had Anne on the helm and she sailed us along the towards a SW wind – doing a great job too.  The wind picked up to a F2 and we were cruising.

Chris was in charge of playing with the jib and tuning it to get the best sail – good job too. Well done Chris.

Chris doing a good job on the jib sailing Satyr Sunday 27 Aug 17

Just before the out of bounds line, Chris took over on the helm and also enjoyed some time in F2 enough to get us moving well and fill the sails.  Reading the wind on the water was definitely improving.

Let Dave have a go- they said.  And then the wind dropped – which proved a challenge but, determined not to get any paddles out, Dave managed somehow to sail back to the pontoon and bring Satyr to a very gentle come along side, so Anne just had to step off.

A good day in light conditions, hunting for and finding the wind, all in good company.

Anne Brolly helming Satyr Sunday 27 Aug 17

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