Never mind the Weather

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing.

As sailors, we all keep an eye on the weather, especially when we are booked in for a sail. Mike and I were watching the weekend weather forecast on the club page – there’s plenty to choose from – and it was looking like it was going to be very cold and potentially wet at times.

Wind picked and heading towards Hambleton Peninsula

Sometimes, pretty often actually, whatever the forecast is, Rutland Water tends to make its own mind up and let you know what it will be. Usually after you’ve been on the water a while

It was clear blue skies, fluffy clouds and bright sunshine. So perhaps we didn’t need the Winter sailing gear after all. So we stuck with our usual clothing and layers.

In the morning it was fine ………………. until a slight breeze picked up and we headed into the breeze. We’d been out about an hour and managed to sail in light winds to Normanton Church – Hambleton Peninsula and in the area towards RSC. We agreed we were enjoying the wind picking up but best we take an early lunch and come back out in the afternoon, dressed for the occasion and hence the ‘big coats’ were out as witnessed in the short movie of our day’s sailing . Whilst the weather did stick to plan and become greyer and yes there were big dark clouds and rain at time – but the sailing just got better and better!! Didn’t it Mike?

Enjoy the movie

Whilst Mike and I are retired now, life is often quite busy for us both. Which is why giving ourselves time to stop, relax and enjoy sailing with RCSSC Members at RSC, is so enjoyable. Fancy a sail?

You could say it was just another day at the office

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Joined RCSSC after over 25 years gap from sailing offshore and dinghies. I quickly got involved and became the Sailing Secretary, later the Treasurer and for three years RCSSC Club Commodore ( Now title is Club Captain) So glad I found RCSSC.

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