Who’s Keeping a Weather Eye on our Boats?

Boat Husband Boat Inspection – A Windy old day at RSC F7-8, 4 Feb 20

It’s been very wet and blowy this Winter which makes it even more important to visit the RSC and check out the boats to ensure they are safe and dry , ready for the next sailing season.

Rain water does not mix well with the wooden parts of our boats and we don’t want to start the season undergoing time consuming and costly repairs. Which is where the Boat Husband team and volunteer helpers come in.

Today, Tuesday 4 February 2020 , was our third Winter Checks, Mike and Dave travelled together from Crowland 29 miles and 45 mins away from RSC to check out our three boats. The weather forecasters promised us 8c Winds Force 7-8 and a windchill factor – they weren’t wrong. Eric joined us having travelled from Oundle 32 miles and 20 mins journey.

Two covers off, checked for water and baled out, coves back on Keeping our boats in mint condition. Brrrrrr cold wind chill btw!

First stop was Soling: Time Flies. She has two covers on to keep out as much weather and rain as possible. Even so, there was water to be sponged out. Covers back on, straps fixed and tightened, onto the Squibs. It just so happened a Soling nearby was being baled out – she didn’t have the same covers and had three bucket loads of water baled out of her. Glad we invested in good covers John CW.

Checking out Satyr’s cover given the blowy conditions – thanks Boat Husband team

As the pictures shows, the wind had managed move the outer cover over on Satyr and this needed to be put back in place and fastened down tightly. Time Flies cover was just as we had left her, so only a quick inspection needed there.

“Whilst I’m here, Mike” took the opportunity to measure up the box in preparation for the replacement one he is making.

Measure twice, cut once. Mike checking out the box size ready to build a new storage box.

We then adjourned to the nearby golf club cafe/ restaurant for a coffee and catch up with Boat Husband John Cranwell Ward who is looking much improved following his recent fall and injuries – good to see.

Satyr all wrapped up again.

it was especially good to talk of plans for the new sailing season including: jet washing the covers and the boats , a polish of the hulls. As usual, the weather will dictate nearly all that we have to do, including when we step the masts ready for the new sailing season which starts on 1 April 2020. Given the need to use the jet wash and tractor, this is task we tend to do in the week to avoid the busy weekends. Watch this space.

We may be retired but we remain very active, contributing to RCSSC sailing, ensuring the boats are in tip top condition ready for our members to sail from 1 April, lead by Boat Husband John Cranwell Ward and his Deputy Mike Threadgill who make no financial claims on the club for travel, regularly donate materials and parts and give their time really.

RCSSC Boat Husband Team

Of course, given we are a sailing co-operative with over 23 members sailing three boats, each and everyone of us needs to take care of our boats whether its launching, sailing or recovery. If you spot something wrong with the boat, damage the boats, you can help our Boat Husband Team by reporting ASAP so they have an opportunity to review and sort out a fix or, at worst, inform our Sailin Sec Eric when a boat is unavailable. In between times, we can rest assured we have a Boat Husband team that undertake their role with passion and professionalism, always looking to be cost effective too and always, always keeping out a weather eye on our boats. Thanks gents – priceless.

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Joined RCSSC after over 25 years gap from sailing offshore and dinghies. I quickly got involved and became the Sailing Secretary, later the Treasurer and for three years RCSSC Club Commodore ( Now title is Club Captain) So glad I found RCSSC.

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